Devino Underwear is a registered trademark of "TÜLAY TEXTILE".

Devino Club / About Us

Our company was founded in 1987 under the name of Tülay Tekstil. Underwear Our company, which operates in the sector, manufactures men, women, children's athletes, panties, pajamas and nightwear. Since 2002, our company has focused on institutionalization and continues to work with a customer oriented management approach taking into consideration the changing and developing trends.

Tülay Tekstil defines his vision on the changing face; to follow the changing and evolving trends and lead them to perceive the needs of the customers and to raise the customer satisfaction to the highest level. Working with a customer-focused management approach gives Tülay Tekstil a reliable value both for its domestic and foreign customers. In this context, as a mission, it aims to be a world-class brand by improving its corporate structure in order to ensure its pioneering and continuity in the sector. Our company is in the effort of approaching the mission which is aimed at step by step by working at full capacity in renewed production facilities. DEVINO UNDERWEAR TÜLAY TEXTILE is a registered trademark.